Fish Torture and Piscicide on Muni


You might want to finish your coffee cake. Muni rider Erica wants to tell you a story.

A guy got onto the bus with a fishing pole and a bucket of fish. Unbeknownst to us passengers, some of the fish were still alive. He proceeded to take fish from the bucket, look at them, talk to them and unfortunately, lose control of them when they wriggled from his grasp. One of them hit me in the foot when it skidded across the floor. He also pulled fish from the bucket and then dropped them back in, splashing a few of us with fish water. I moved after that. He continued to torture the poor fish and menace the passengers while the driver acted like nothing was happening.

Here’s a wider angle of the scene:


We’re glad that Erica was wearing shoes on this particular evening. Also, ew!

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  • Robert

    My Brother is a Muni Driver for the 38 Geary and I so happened to get on the bus when he was working and I remember that passenger because my brother loves to fish and asked that person ” what kind of fish did you get?” The fish man replied “I don’t fish!” and began to laugh out loud!

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