49er pride and Muni’s plans for the Super Bowl

Photo courtesy eze415 via @verbalcupcake

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. The San Francisco 49ers will play some football team or another in the Super Bowl. You will probably watch the game on TV, because you either a) are a 49ers fan, b) love commercials, c) both, d) are laid up in bed with that flu that’s going around, and have no choice but to watch the Super Bowl. Wait, are we allowed to write “Super Bowl”? I guess we have to hope so.

Muni is preparing for tomorrow’s potential victory by the Niners, despite the game taking place in New Orleans. (World Series, anyone? Detroit? Utterly annihilated Muni bus?) According to the Examiner, Muni has decided that buses on Market Street are most liable to be trashed, so starting at 5 p.m., they’re rerouting the lines that run on Market allllllll the way over to … Mission Street.

The F-Market’s streetcars will run as buses all day, and they, too, will be detoured to Mission from Van Ness to the Embarcadero. Yep.

You can read more about Muni’s preparations for “the Big Game” at the Examiner.

Go Niners! Stay safe out there, y’all. And in case you doubted San Francisco pride for the 49ers, here’s some proof.

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