Even Muni gets a tow in the rain


Per Adam, who snapped this around Kearny and Sutter:

Rotten day to have to hook a bus up to a tow truck; I tip my hat to the tow-truck driver.

Thanks, Adam. We do, too.

So, for whom does this suck most?

  1. The tow-truck driver
  2. The commuters who undoubtedly got kicked off that bus

Mull that over while wishing for a drier commute home. I’m personally crossing all fingers and still-damp toes.


  • A Vuncular

    Solution for damp toes: Keep an old pair of running shoes and a pair of warm dry socks in a locker or desk drawer at your workplace. I’ve done this for 15 years or so, and it’s been wonderful on the dozen or so occasions when I needed them. Eventually, I added a pair of old corduroy slacks to the stash. Also useful.
    Another tip: On rainy days, hold on to already-read (or “never look at that section”) newspaper sections to place on a damp Muni seat that no one else wants.

    • A Vuncular

      Forgot to mention: The unwanted or no-longer-needed newspaper sections also make a good wrapping for your furled but soaked umbrella before you lay it on your lap or stuff it in your bag.

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