“I am the owner of Muni!”

Photo by cbcastro

Brandon wrote his diary while the action was taking place on the bus. He even updated it for you! Check it out:

Woman just got on the bus and yelled at the bus driver because he asked her to pay. She yelled, “You don’t recognize me?! I am the owner of Muni! If you don’t recognize me you shouldn’t be working at my company!”

She actually looks very well put together so I’m not sure whether she’s crazy or is actually the owner of Muni.

Update: She is now yelling at him accusing him of very specific things (he’s been fired 18 times, he transports babies to Mexico) and telling him her attorneys will contact him by tomorrow.

Public transportation is cool.

Yes, it is. Drop your Muni story in our submission box.


  • patricia

    look at the angry snarl on that guy’s face just over the seat top. Someone should’ve given him the teddy bear and a hug. On second though, better to steer clear.

  • Dexter Wong

    The driver should say,”Haven’t you heard of the regulation that says all owners of Muni have to pay for their share of Muni? Come on, tag your Clipper card, show your transfer, pass, or put cash in the box.” 🙂

  • Matt

    Isn’t that chick delusional. If I recall correctly the City of San Francisco owns Muni, maybe if the ever recognizable Mayor Ed Lee boards a bus with that excuse he might get free bus fare but not some chick. Of course Ed Lee probably doesn’t have the audacity to try to ride Muni for free in the first place unlike Ms. Looking To Get Committed To A Mental Institution.

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