Five Muni Moments This Week


Five Muni moments captured on Twitter this week include:

  1. A woman who freaking pushed a kid to get a seat, then proceeded to sit in split coffee
  2. A clown on the bus, no bigs
  3. A man who (get this!) ran to the bus stop, brandished a styrofoam cup, peed in it, dumped it in the bushes, and boarded—he kept the cup
  4. A Muni rider lamenting arguments in languages she does not speak
  5. A Muni rider who did their fellow passengers a favor by spraying perfume on a “bum.”

This week’s Muni moments are brought to you with love by @loveoz13, @leximharvey, @gowestyoungtech, @goldfine, and @Tawana721. Remember to follow @munidiaries and share your whacky Muni tweets with the rest of us.

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