Ghost riding of sorts on the M-Ocean View


Muni rider Annette sees the upside to an otherwise Muni fail.

“On the M coming from SF State and we’re stopped at Castro Station. The Muni driver is hollering for people to stand back and let the doors close. Except no one was standing in the doorway, it wasn’t at all crowded. I see the driver walking down past our car to the next to inspect the doors. A few minutes later we’re rocking again full speed ahead through the tunnel. We get to Church Station and once again the doors aren’t closing. The guy next to me is curious about what’s happening and goes outside to investigate. Turns out that squeaky door from the car behind me FELL OFF THE HINGES during the tunnel. Gone. Vanished. No mas! Needless to say, the train went out of service. Another Muni fail for on time departures, but a win for entertainment!”

Pretty sure she’s describing this story, via SFGate. We’re glad everyone is safe!

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