What Google bus? Android commutes on Muni


Remember when people were all BOO GOOGLE BUS, go, Muni of the proletariat! Well, Google bus, shmoogle bus, says…Android?

Via @kacie69mustang:

The google android robot is riding the #muni 49. I wonder if that is the only green he owns.

Yep, Android. The beloved symbol of Google smartphonery, my Gmail theme, and my hallway (srsly, an Android Squishable is in my hallway) rides Muni like the rest of us. He/she/it even one-ups half of all Muni riders by standing in the elderly/disabled section, though I accept that it is probably impossible to sit in that outfit.

Google, you better hope it’s not checking an iPhone right now.

No, really, send Android-on-Muni sightings to @munidiaries on Twitter.

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