If Billie Holiday rode Muni …

Photo by Hampandle

Friend of Muni Diaries @cripsahoy‘s got one hell of an imagination. She rewrote lyrics to Billie Holiday’s “All of Me,” this time with a Muni theme. Check it.

Hey Muni – Why not take your Muni
Can’t you see – Traffic’s no good without you

Save some trips – The trolley’s Cruisin’
Take my car, I’ll never drive again

“Thanks, goodbye!” The driver got me here on time
How can I get to work without you?

You can take the BART – but Muni’s got my heart
So why not take your Muni?

Have a listen to the original.

Maybe that line should say, “When will I get to work with you?” Anyway, this is so. fun.

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