Top Five Muni Moments of the Week

Photo by Dale331

In case you’re not already following @munidiaries, here’s what you missed this week on Muni.

The shuttering of LucasArts made one Muni rider wonder whether the 43-Masonic Falcon will be retired. Another rider wondered whether having phone battery life matching your Muni line was a good or bad thing. If you’re on the 108-Treasure Island, maybe!? The following astute observation was made: “There’s a direct correlation between shittiness of music and how loudly it’s played on public transit.” Joy and horror and wonder were experienced by a Muni passenger who sat down in a seat that was pre-warmed. And finally, the Muni/San Francisco mantra was unveiled: Don’t make eye contact with crazy. Indeed.

These gems were tweeted by @allysoneb, @sarahhdwyerr, @ImekaSF, @pixiethought, and @Ten_is_ha. Share your Muni experiences like they did. And follow @munidiaries to keep up with the craziness.

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