Thanks, Muni Community


For everyone who thinks Muni-riding city folks are kid-hating meanies, Sheila reminds us otherwise:

This isn’t really so much a story but just a shout out to all the kind people I’ve encountered on Muni. I ride Muni quite regularly with these two girls: my daughter and her best friend. It’s not easy going across town with two toddlers, but I have to say the entire community has been great to us. From the City College student who held the door for us so we wouldn’t miss our train, to the drivers and station agents who are always ready with a smile and lots of patience, to the guy who offered us a seat even though he had heavy bags of groceries. I couldn’t do it without these wonderfully kind people that I encounter daily. Yesterday, while entertaining the girls with a round of ABCs, three elderly ladies joined us while they rode back from and early morning visit to Chinatown. So, thanks, everyone!

And thank you for sharing, Sheila. Three elderly ladies helping the girls with their ABCs always qualifies as a story.

We all needed a reminder this week of good things in the world, right? Do something nice for your fellow Muni riders today and let Muni Diaries know all about it.


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