I tagged my card and got a citation

I used my clipper card on Muni for the first time this month on April 4. I tagged my card when I entered the Muni on Evans St. at 3:35 pm. My clipper card transaction history shows “Threshold auto-load at a TransLink Device at 3:35 PM.. I have spoken to Clipper customer service and they verified that I tagged my card. When I off-boarded at Embarcadero station, the officer said I did not tag my card and that I added $20 value at 3:45 Pm and issued me a ticket for $103. I was riding on the Muni at 3:45PM after having swiped my card at Evans St. ten minutes earlier. My clipper card transaction history shows that at 3:35PM $20 in value was added to my card; however is does not show that the fare was deducted.
Help! My citation review was denied even though I sent a copy of my clipper card transaction history along with the request for review.
I tagged my card, my transaction history shows that. The Muni system failed to deduct my fare. I had a balance for $9 before the $20 was added!.
I’d appreciate any advice and assistant.
Thank you in advance,
Denise Levin

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