The visual irony of BART snoozing


Our very own Laura of @caltraindiaries is no stranger to BART. And none of us are strangers to this. Laura sez:

I got on BART yesterday at Montgomery during rush hour, around 6:15. This gentleman was sleeping on three seats and effectively blocking seat #4. He was also snoring and appeared to not notice that 1) the train was full of people and 2) that the train was full of people because it was rush hour. I also especially liked that this happened under the “Help Us Keep BART Accessible” sign.

The visual irony is my favorite part. This rivals laptop guy lounging on BART and, rudeness aside, both are a little gross for them, right? These aren’t the non-absorbent seats, after all.
Send your favorite BART sightings to @bartdiaries, won’t you? Extra credit if it’s the aftermath of waking someone up.


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