Can dirty Muni buses become showers?

Photo by bradlauster (original)

We took inventory recently, and by far, the most popular topics reported to us over the last five years are “overheard on Muni” and smells on Muni. Makes perfect sense.

So does Doniece Sandoval’s idea to turn old decommissioned buses into mobile showers for homeless people. Via SF Examiner:

Sandoval said she is working with a local design firm on how to retrofit the buses to include one shower and toilet for disabled residents and another two showers for the general population. Under the assumption that a shower takes five minutes, Sandoval hopes to attract 100 to 130 homeless citizens a day with her first bus, which will eventually be available seven days a week.

Read the rest of the story over at SF Examiner.

Cue cynical jokes (unless Monday is too early in the week for you). Perhaps the pilot project could be to wash people riding buses currently in operation? And most of Muni’s vehicles could use a good scrubbing down, too, right?

Seriously though, it sounds like an idea worth trying out. What do you think?


  • Five minutes? It will probably take a lot longer than five minutes to get some of those folks clean.

  • Dexter Wong

    Sounds like a good idea (don’t know how well it can be carried out) but worth a try. In Honolulu, they turn old tour buses into overnight hostels for the homeless. (They let them sleep in bunksat night but get them to leave in the morning.)

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