Five Muni Moments This Week: Sigourney Weaver and LSD

Photo by peterme

The hits, they keep on comin’. Seriously, you guys are awesome. Please don’t stop being awesome.

Our top 5 Muni moments this week include:

  1. OH: “What’s that beeping?” “Well, either the bus is backing up or Sigourney Weaver has set it to self destruct.”
  2. Today I got to ride on a bus with an entire sorority AND fraternity from USF. Dreams really do come true! #sfmuni
  3. OH: “There’s not enough LSD on earth to make me want to have sex with a cat” uh wut #munidiaries
  4. Oh girl on muni with the drifting eyes and faraway expression… are you philosophical and deep, or just really high?
  5. I take different bus lines to change up the scenic route. #FullTimeBlues

These delights were brought to you by: @fishmark, @amandarants, @jess_said_, @_TC_, and @xolindatran. If you’re not already, follow @munidiaries for a front-row seat to the madness!

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  • Dexter Wong

    If you live in the northern part of the City and attend City College, then commuting to class can be the scenic route if you want it to be.

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