To blab on Muni, or not to blab on Muni?

Photo by muir.ceardach

It’s one of those unspoken rules, right? Stand to the right on escalators, let people out of the elevator (or bus or train) before you enter, slower cars to the right, no talking during the morning commute. Or is it?

@davidbicha boasts of a “TwitterWar” he recently waged:

Mini TwitterWar today! I stand by it: there’s an unspoken no-blabbing-during-morning-commute agreement.

We combed Muni Manners for the expert take on this important question, but our search came up empty. I have my personal feelings, but I’d rather know how you feel.

So, dear Muni rider: What do you think about excessive talking during the morning commute on Muni?


  • Alexandra Jones via Facebook

    Grinchy city folk

  • Louise Kindermen via Facebook

    I only want to hear your conversation if you’re a hipster, a queen or a Marina post sorority girl, becasue you ARE the center of the universe and everything you say is important.

  • Nic

    Jeez, everyone is so freaking particular. I don’t tend to talk on the bus, but come on, people, get over yourselves. Who cares?

  • Rachael E. Lazarus via Facebook

    I need to have a conversation with my friends but I don’t want to sit by them. It’s just easier if they sit on one bench and I sit way over on another and we yell a little back and forth about all the crazy shit we’re up to

  • Michael H

    It’s not the amount of gabbing, it’s the volume. I’m not a big talker on the bus, but I don’t think the act of talking itself is unacceptable; speaking at loudly or across the aisle can be troubling, though. Some people are generally oblivious or unconcerned with being an annoyance. Abrasively loud conversation is just one way this trait exhibits itself. I don’t think regular talking is any kind of no-no.

  • Peter

    Low or Medium Monotone-ish converstions are fine by me but skip the shrieking, the yelling, & the swearing/violent themed language.

    Who’s the cutie smiling on the left of this image?

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