Israel “apartheid” state ads on Muni


Supervisor Scott Wiener says SFMTA should donate money is it receiving for the latest controversial Muni ads to the Human Rights Commission. The ads say, “End Apartheid Now!” and “Stop U.S. Aid to Israel.”

According to City Insider, Wiener is asking SFMTA to donate the money to mirror its reaction to a series of ads that ran in 2012 calling all Muslims “savages.” After heavy protesting, the agency decided to give revenue it generated from the ads to the HRC to study the effect of discrimination against Muslims. Rather than remove the ads, SFMTA placed head-scratcher ads of its own next to the controversial ones that read:

SFMTA policy prohibits discrimination based on national origin, religion, and other characteristics and condemns statements that describe any group as “savages.”

Read the SFGate blog for more.

What do you think? Should SFMTA donate its revenue from these latest controversial ads?


  • Frankie Griffen via Facebook

    If we funded MUNI properly they wouldn’t need to whore out every inch of open space on the buses

  • Jack

    Why should they donate the money? Are you saying that these ads are somehow as bad as the racist ads and so the city shouldn’t profit from them? It sounds like wiener is some kind of crazy Zionist, which is good to know.

  • infinitympg

    @Jack- Weiner has lots of company too… FREE PALESTINE

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