• infinitympg

    People leave shit on muni/bart all the time, but you’d think that by 2013 in San Francisco we’d be past these antiquated stereotypes.

  • infinitympg

    As a medicinal cannabis user who’s got a better memory than most my non-user friends, I certainly won’t miss this humdrum, almost offensive blog as much as all the other obnoxious blogs I’ve subbed to when my Google Reader shuts down next month

  • Colin

    infinitympg, did you forget that you already left a comment? (see what i did there?)

    • infinitympg

      Clever! And thank you for condescendingly captioning (see what i did there?”), evoking a meme of years past so that everyone who’s not as bright as you also has a chance at understanding this! Moron

  • CopperJet

    That nice fat doobie looks more like an offering or gift than it does a mistake.

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