New Muni bus gets stage fright at debut

Photo by David Stevenson of KTVU

Oh my LOL-if-it-weren’t-also-terrible. No, it’s hilarious. And terrible.

In a positively Spinal Tap moment, SF Weekly’s The Snitch reports that at today’s unveiling of Muni’s new hybrid buses, after all the pomp and pageantry, well, the demo bus refused to budge.

[SFMTA spokesperson Paul] Rose says that the vehicle would not start because its back door was registering as being open. He is uncertain if the door actually was open. “We’ll take a look at the remaining buses and make sure it’s not an issue.” The New Flyer hybrid electric buses cost about $700,000 a pop.

We’re hoping that the other 61 of those suckers fares better.

Read the rest of the Snitch story here. Read SFMTA’s press release about the event here.


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