Alternate Reality: Gorgeous N-Judah Ride

Sure to become a classic, filmmakers Rebecca Richardson and James O’Malley imagined a different universe than the one we inhabit. Good on them for that.

Here’s what Richardson had to say about it (via SF Weekly):

We wanted to show day-to-day travel in a glamorous light, and to inspire people to actively see the beauty and magic in things they would never have considered as interesting. The Muni, and the N Judah line in particular, is something that is regularly dismissed and treated with disdain. But we think it’s interesting: for $2, you can see the whole city, from Bay to Breakers, on a schedule that’s all of its own making.

Our motivations are creative: we enjoy telling stories and seek to inspire others to view the world (and San Francisco) differently. And plus, we love wandering the city. Just being out in the world, on foot, is an adventure. We notice so much more when we walk places, and can’t help but be inspired by the beauty around us.

Watch this and tell me you don’t come out of it with one of those, “Goddam, I love San Francisco” feelings.

Video by CommunistComics.


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