BART Strike, Day 5: Service resumes Friday afternoon

Photo by Jed Sullivan

Good morning. Have you had your coffee yet? Either way, you’re reading that headline correctly: The transit agency and its unions agreed to a 30-day extension of the contract that expired last week and prompted this week’s shutdown. Trains will resume service at 3 p.m. today. Read this SFGate story for more details. Here’s SF Weekly’s story, and SF Appeal’s.

Here are some other BART-strike-related stories you can read while you’re stuck in traffic (don’t read if you’re driving!!!):

Residents near BART tracks enjoy peace, quiet for now (SFGate)
Who cares about labor issues? I can sleep!

BART Strike: AC Transit Running Extra Buses For Fourth Of July (SF Appeal)
Well that sure was nice of them.

BART Strike: Peninsula Commuters Pack Caltrain, SamTrans (SF Appeal)
Have other transit, will us it.

BART Strike Commute Mess: BART Adds Charter Buses, Caltrans Extends HOV Lanes (SF Appeal)
Still apparently in effect for this morning’s commute.

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