Transit News: BART escalators, BART strike, lack of Muni bathrooms, summer Muni

Photo by blarfiejandro

  • BART designing prototype escalator canopy to protect customers, employees and machinery (
  • BART Station Agent Pleads Not Guilty To False Police Report Charges (SF Appeal)
  • No BART contract talks until Friday (KTVU)
  • Cost of bathrooms for Muni operators raises concerns (SF Examiner)
  • Will San Francisco Ever See Serious Enforcement of Bus-Only Lanes? (Streetsblog SF)
  • SFTRU Speaks Out Against Muni Service Cuts During Summer Break (Streetsblog SF)

One comment

  • I would really like to see BART go with a design complimenting the recently rebuilt elevators. A sloping canopy seems like nothing but trouble with people trying to climb up it.

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