Five weird things seen, worn, overheard, or brought on Muni

Photo by Lynn Friedman

Muni, that roving Petri dish we love to hate and hate to love. Here are five things seen or heard on Muni this week:

  1. Guy just got on the N with a 5ft longbow and a quiver full of arrows. Never a dull moment on the muni
  2. OH: “I’m sure there’s some bro on this train with a tank top saying ‘tell me again bro'” #njudah #sfmuni
  3. That moment when a crazy guy mumbling about knives, killing dudes, and being an OG sits near you #MuniDiaries
  4. Guy next to me on #muni wearing dark suit. When he left was wearing a few of my hairs. hope his partner isn’t suspicious type
  5. Why is your phone as big as your head? #29sunset #sfmuni

This week’s “Five Things on Muni” is brought to you by the ever-generous @kwask0, @fish, @Larrrk, @madge707, and @glittershaker. Follow us on Twitter at @MuniDiaries.

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