Ghost on the 5-Fulton


Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t. But lately, for whatever reason, I’m sorta fascinated with them. Then Muni rider Sean sent us this, and it’s kinda freakin me out:

“Just saw this around 730am on the 5 heading downtown!!!!!!!”

There was a ghost, in a white sheet and everything, on the 5-Fulton, you guys!

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    Sometime there was an “Ask a MUNI driver” thing here and I asked about any MUNI ghost stories. The driver who responded said she hadn’t heard of any herself but I still wonder.

    The closest one I’ve heard was at one particular stop in the Presidio there would sometimes be a soldier in full dress uniform sitting at a stop near what is now the Lucasfilm campus. Supposedly *he* was a ghost!

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