A New Spin on “Most Interesting Man” on Muni

Photo by riz94107

Muni rider Santani seems to think he’s flypaper for “uncomfortably personal” interactions on Muni. After his most recent experience on the 19-Polk, I’m inclined to believe him:

Mr. Hamilton, who got on the bus, asked the one other black guy if he wanted ‘a piece of this’ (his fist), and then talked me up the whole ride about his martial arts prowess, his death and resurrection 18 years ago, his occupations as a Secret Serviceman, candidate for Congress, commercial writer, and “one of the best dancers in this town.”

Also: “BTW, Mr. Hamilton has a debate with Ed Lee coming up in September or October.”

Move over, Most Interesting Man in the World! You’ve got serious competition.


  • Bruce T.

    I believe this guy walks up and down Polk Street hollering out random insults, jumping at people who try to ignore him and just generally being incredibly drunk but still, somehow, able to walk around. I heard him on the 27 the other day buttonholing some hapless co-passenger with the whole ‘running for Congress’ routine.

  • Dexter Wong

    This guy sounds like a legend in his own mind! Too bad he hangs around in my old neighborhood.

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