Five of your fellow Muni passengers

Photo by davitydave

Imagine for a moment that San Francisco was filled, to a head, with really boring people. We’re talking Walnut Creek boring. Luckily for us, that’s not the case.

Here are five Muni passengers who keep things interesting for themselves and the rest of us.

  1. Woman singing a song about believing in your dreams while a young man next to me sleeps with his head on my shoulder.
  2. Dude gets on #Muni with Taoism book with flower in it; then starts yelling at everyone and bus driver. Oh the irony
  3. “Girl, don’t you take my picture and put it on that Tweeter.” “I’m reading the New York Times.” #sfmuni
  4. Theres seriously a 2yr girl with a gold tooth on this T-train #sfmuni #tline #sf
  5. you know its a good night when someone is playing “This old man” on the banjo #NJudah

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