Name that new Muni bus part


Over on the Muni Diaries Facebook page, RayRay asks, rightly, WTF? What’s this partition for, anyway?

I’ll start: private corner office? Those new-fangled blue-seat buses certainly have a high opinion of themselves, don’t they? Or make-out seats. Definitely make-out seats.

You guys are good at coming up with explanations for such things (see also: the bus-seat “butt holes” of 2010), so get those creative juices flowing and offer up a suggestion.


  • I’m thinking it’s a parking space for a baby stroller, walker, those basket carts, or a companion space for wheelchair passengers.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s so that the person in the seat behind can’t stretch their legs out. That way they can’t use up other people’s standing room.

    • A Vuncular

      That, and it keeps standees (and people moving to or from the rear door) from stepping on the toes of the person seated there, and/or from falling on them when the bus lurches. That seat on the low-level buses is directly across from the rear doors, so that partition is in a high-traffic area with lots of people moving around.

  • It’s a tombstone on a little stand. I mean, DUH!

  • Dexter Wong

    It’s a seat support partition, needed to hold up the seat next to the partition. If there were two bucket seats (or a bench seat) the partition wouldn’t be needed.

  • frisconative

    it’s for the ladies…so creepers can’t see up their skirts!

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