Uplifting moments, curious scents, devilish Muni overheards and Satanic approaching N-Judahs

Photo by echoes71

This week on Muni Diaries was just like any other week, in that it was completely different than the week before. Among other scents and events captured on @munidiaries

  1. Saw my light rail driver pause to hand empty bottles out the window to hunched woman collecting recyclables.
  2. Classical music serenading commuters on the bus this morning – source tbd… #munidiaries #soclassy
  3. the 31 smells like maple syrup… At least it’s a pleasant smell today
  4. “This is the bus I got possessed on.” -talkative religious woman on the 5. #muni
  5. The N-Judah is coming in 6, 6, 6. Uh oh. pic.twitter.com/SJosJ4IILH

This week’s Muni moments come to you via @steffiexplores, @RichmondGrlSays, @PalomitaSays, @SaysHelen, and @roxannetavakoli. Thanks, all of you. Now, it’s your turn to share your Muni stories with @munidiaries.

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