I hate big balls (on Muni) and I cannot lie

Photo by davitydave

Oh, men taking up too much space on the train (dot tumblr dot com). Patty sent this to us wondering who’ll create the SF version. It’s been a while, but we have addressed this infuriating, still-relevant phenomenon:

  • Yeah, I don’t care if you’re busy reading The Wall Street Journal and counting your money, because you’ve taken two more seats than you should have.
  • Tiffany. Dear Tiffany, her fabulous tweed trousers, and her phone were up against this be-denimed big-balls invader. After she sat down and provided the ultimate unspoken “It’s time to move over” clue.
  • It’s proven such a problem in Boston, our wicked cool (<– yeah, it never gets old, sorry) pals at the AboutWomen Project started a movement and designed a badge in protest: No Man-Sitting.

Yes, we should (and we do) say something [after we possibly document it for the Internet]. But, until we do and even if we don’t, please mind your balls and your manners, gentlemen, as this seems largely the domain of male ridership. Seat-taking ladies, though, that goes for you, too.

Oh, a gay friend says he, ever so slightly, will rub up on your macho legs until you clam up (and do you ever), but I think our gay brothers really have more important things to do.


  • edward

    Shame on people who haven’t learned or been taught the proper etiquette we know. Like all mildly oblivious people they should be photographed and mocked behind their back. I got a blog to shame people who don’t know how to stand out of the way while waiting for their coffee to be prepared.

  • medium steve

    this man does not have big balls. he has tiny balls. big balls weigh down your sack and will drop down below the thigh muscles. unless you’re just too frkn fat for a single seat. so when you encounter this be sure to tell him:

    move your leg over, kid. you know, one day, after your balls drop, you won’t need to worry about crushing them. because they’ll be large and weighty when you’ve matured. it will help when you learn to stop emptying them at every opportunity.

    it all starts with paying attention to being a considerate, grown-ass man, see? because if you get busy doing that you won’t have time for Miley Cyrus fantasies and video games and making women uncomfortable. And they’ll like you better. and eventually you’ll start saving up your yang energy for a girlfriend, so your nuts will be large and weighty.

    and then you won’t have to be asked to not be an inconsiderate Cretin.

  • It has been given us the game that we want here.

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