Muni Metro 3-car trains in October?

Photo by anitakhart

Gasp. Could it be true?

According to Streetsblog SF, Muni’s tests and software upgrades have been done, and three-car Muni Metro trains could come to the system’s underground stations as soon as late October/early November. You might no longer have to wonder why underground platforms are hella long, and the trains themselves are hella short.

We first learned of Muni’s plan to test three-car trains nearly two years ago. Nice to see the agency follow through.

As Streetsblog SF reports, Muni is also planning to implement “double-train loading.” That’s when, say, the K and the M pulling into a station and loading passengers at the same time. Genius!

For more, check out the post on Streetsblog SF.

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  • loren

    i wish they would just run more trains, period. not just the downtown/underground corridor, but the full lines. they wont do that because supposedly it takes too long and too much money to train more LRV operators, and they don’t have enough trains in the fleet.
    but then, where are these extra cars and drivers coming from for the 3-car runs? i assume they will be siphoning off of the already strained fleet- thus making wait times outside of the underground corridor that much longer.

    perhaps that is off-base of me to assume, but it isn’t hard for me to imagine.

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