Five Flavors of Muni


This week’s “Five Things on Muni” comes in assorted flavors. Enjoy!

Overheard on 38 at 2.15: “I have bed bugs, I can only give over-the-pants hand-job.” Word to yo mama #sfmuni

Bus driver starts laughing then says “oh, these people are so awful.” #munidiaries

SF problems
Two out of two people at the bus stop (besides me) are talking to themselves…do I join them? #sfmuni

Public shaming
The girl’s phone on #Muni next to me just started blaring “call me maybe” and the whole bus erupted in laughter

Pushed to the edge by Muni, but clever about it
The 45 has really been killing it lately. And by “it” I mean my spirit.

Brought to you by @loveoz13, @JillianWould, @HannahHelser, @hipsterandhymn, and @MeggieClaire. Share your flavors at @munidiaries today!

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