Five gross things on Muni

Photo by Lynn Friedman

Ah, the Petri dish that is Muni. The disgusting gift that keeps giving. Notably, this, week:

  1. A passenger sprayed air freshener to counter tourist fart stench and now others are clutching pearls & gagging #FTrain
  2. Powell station blaring the chicken dance song. It enhances the fresh blood stains and drug deals also occurring. #sfmuni
  3. On crowded #Muni bus someone standing trying to eat what looks like Chipotle bowl by shoving face in bowl. Disaster inevitable
  4. Time to play the ‘guess which passenger crapped themselves’ game on #Muni. Spoiler alert: I win and lose at the same time
  5. This man next to me is coughing up a lung, and offering people masks. How considerate. Except he didn’t offer me one

This week’s Five Things on Muni was brought to you by @uppityfag, @mollydee88, @kmiffy, @thisbeazy, and @trappfotos. Get up on @munidiaries and share your Muni experience today.


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