At least someone isn’t hunting Muni bus drivers

Photo by Joe Lares

I mean, right?

This American Life recently aired a crazy story called, “Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers.” Here’s a sample:

“The first murder happened at 7:45 am, on August 28th, on bus route 4A. That morning, a woman hailed bus 718, climbed the steps, pulled a gun and shot the driver. The driver jumped out of the bus trying to escape but died on the sidewalk. The killer, witnesses said, was a middle-aged woman with dyed blonde hair — or maybe it was a wig — wearing a cap, plaid shirt and jeans. Nobody saw how she escaped. Or at least nobody would say.”

Read or listen to the rest of this story out of Juárez, Mexico on the TAL website. Then thank your Muni driver on your next ride.


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