Five oh-so-San Francisco things on Muni

Photo by eviloars

Love it, hate it. Look forward to getting away, then die of homesickness. It is San Francisco, and in these five examples, it plays out in all corners and rolling buses of the city.

  1. #muni bus smells like Lysol. don’t know whether I should be excited it’s clean or wary of why they used Lysol.
  2. Carrying a yoga mat and a day’s worth of juice in glass cans while riding #Muni in heels is some sort of sport.
  3. there is seriously a dude dumping hot sauce in his Pepsi on the 49 right now. #spicy
  4. “You may not love #Muni, but remember folks, Muni loves you!” – thing my N driver actually just said over the intercom
  5. OH on #sfmuni this morning: I donno what they tell you at school, pcp is off the hook

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