Five things you bring on Muni

Photo by aarontait

The things we bring on Muni speak volumes. This week, in particular:

  1. To the man on the 38 with the discman…tips hat.
  2. Someone on this #sfmuni has McDonalds and it is NOT FUNNY.
  3. If you can carry your wheel chair onto the bus maybe you should not be using one. #munidiaries
  4. An awesome guy who offered to hold my #Segway on muni! #wheelchair #sfbayarea #therergoodppl
  5. Who brought a box of fried chicken on this damn bus and aint sharing?! #sfmuni #38L

This week’s Five Things on Muni was brought to you by fellow Muni riders @LaMelSauceda, @mrmoberst, @JillianWould, @SarahFunes, and @EricShins. Let your voice by heard @munidiaries.

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