BART seat humper acquitted

Photo by pengrin™

The end of the strike wasn’t the only BART news yesterday. And how.

“Leslie Bailey, 28, was arrested May 8 shortly after a BART train operator saw him on on his knees in the nearly empty first car, thrusting his pelvis against a seat next to the cab.

“Bailey, who boarded the Dublin-Pleasanton train at the 16th Street Station, exited at Civic Center but returned to his paramour just before the doors closed, according to the San Francisco public defender’s office. The operator testified that she then saw him gyrating on his stomach, his feet in the aisle, before he flipped over and began masturbating and smoking crack cocaine.”

Read more about Bailey’s acquittal at SFGate.

And here I thought people were only having sex with each other on BART (NSFW link). Shows what I know.

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