Five Muni seatmates

Photo by drewish

Sometimes it’s hard to be indifferent about the person sitting next to you on Muni. To wit:

  1. How do I say “Hi, I like your TARDIS keychain!” to a complete stranger on the train without being creepy? #muni
  2. Flattered, but taken, guy who won’t courtesy scoot on the empty 5-Fulton.
  3. OH on #Muni: “I’m an old man, what else am I gonna do? All I got to do now is DIE!”
  4. To the guy who thought it would be fun to suddenly take up half my seat when I took out my 3DS: may all your bacon burn.
  5. This guy is preaching about how the Douglas fir is the best Christmas tree ever. I love muni #munidiaries

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  • Ramona Soto via Facebook

    A few evenings ago I sat on one of the long side seats near a well-dressed man I’d judged to be okay. All was well till someone in the back of the car (nowhere near us) temporarily let her (very friendly) dog off the leash for a moment. Suddenly he went OFF, talking to everyone and no one in particular, trying to get us to side with him about this HUGE offense.

    I was nearest to him, so his attention eventually landed on me. As I wasn’t responding to his outburst as he’d intended, he looked straight at me and yelled, “Do you speak ENGLISH?” Then he looked at the girl across the aisle, who was also ignoring him, and asked her, “Are you SANE?” and went on to expound about how this infraction was surely leading to anarchy and the breakdown of society. Ah, Muni! <3

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