Muni Metro lines personified


Your Muni route is totally a person. A flawed, wonderful, terrible, smelly person full of flaws and smelly people. But dependable, ultimately. Right?

Julian of Seismogenic has taken that idea hella steps forward. He conjured the characters you see above to represent Muni Metro’s seven lines.

The T-Third and the K-Ingleside. They’re that couple. You know the one. Attached at the hip, refer to themselves as “we” and never “I,” really need to get a room that’s more private than West Portal. The K is spastic and erratic and generally nuts, with a bit of an evil streak. The T is used to dealing with a lot of mayhem, so he can handle the K’s neuroses most of the time. He’s generally pretty chill in the face of everything, unless there is baseball, at which point he flips his shit too.

OMG, they are “that couple.”

Check out the rest of Julian’s descriptions at his Tumblr.


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