Seven Halloween costumes seen on Muni

Photo by alespm05

We’re taking a slight detour from our normal Friday afternoon offering of Five Things on Muni today. You’re just such a clever, creative bunch, we couldn’t resist posting our favorite Halloween costumes as seen the day after.

The bears above are a great example. Miley Cyrus lost her dancers, errybody! Below, there’s a bespectacled bunny doctor (?); everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett; the world’s creepiest clown; bat-reptile man (?); creepy human-size chicken; and of course, the 30-Stockton and its driver.

Enjoy your fellow Muni riders and your weekend!

Photo by Biaritz Roldan

Photo by C Feuer

Photo by Lia Brown

Photo by Tejal

Photo by crumbelievable

Photo by Wayne Grout

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