• fermata

    This morning I heard that all-too-familiar and wholly unsatisfying announcement: “slow traffic due to heavy traffic.” Of course, this statement begs the question (in the true sense, not the way the expression is used nowadays to mean “prompts another question”). This is so frustrating! Why can’t they just tell us what’s going on? Or tell us they have no idea what’s going on? It took me 30 min. to get from Church/Duboce to Civic Center this morning. At least I can vent here…

    • Jim

      I’ve been accustomed to checking http://www.munitraffic.com if I have take the subway. Gives me a good idea whether I should take the surface lines, or walk. However, the site is only limited to the J and N. If you have to take the K, L, or M outbound, you’re gonna have use some good judgment.

  • fermata

    Thanks for the tip, Jim. I didn’t know about that site. It doesn’t help, however, when you are already trapped inside a non-moving vehicle with the doors closed 🙂 I usually walk to Civic Center one or two mornings a week but maybe I should do it more often.
    And I still wish they’d actually impart some useful information in their PA announcements…

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