8 reasons to go to Muni Diaries Live on Saturday night


Shameless promotion time, but only because we found a way to get your Muni stories up on stage with a microphone. You can listen while enjoying the company of your good friends and a drink or four. It’s Muni Diaries Live time, y’all! Tomorrow night at the Elbo Room, we’ll once again (for the tenth time, OMG!) bring you the best stories of your favorite despised transit agency. Lineup here. Advance tickets here. Advance tickets are sold out, but we saved a handful of door tickets for you. Show up early to grab a spot.

Here are eight reasons we think this show will rock your socks off:

  1. He is “righteous and hilarious,” the best combination on #Muni. See @natogreen at Muni Diaries Live
  2. She spins tales at Oakland’s Busting Out Storytelling. Hear @KayDeMartini tell it at #Muni Diaries Live
  3. His dad was a Muni driver for 25 years. Think of the stories! Come hear @hpmendoza at Muni Diaries Live
  4. Riding #Muni can be trouble. SF band Female Trouble wrote a song about that. See them at Muni Diaries Live
  5. Writer @tarintowers has important advice for you when riding Muni. See her at Muni Diaries Live
  6. “Nerdier than you” @bethspotswood will tell her Muni story at #Muni Diaries Live this Sat. We can’t wait!
  7. #Muni haiku challenger Jesse James is ready to throw down. Are you ready? Muni Diaries Live this Sat.
  8. Reigning #Muni Haiku champ @MrJamesNestor is back to defend his title this Sat. at Muni Diaries Live!

See you all tomorrow night!

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