Lady reads Les Mis aloud on the M-Ocean View

Photo by Lynn Friedman

Muni rider Tyler has an adorable little story for you. Gather round.

I was on Muni going to work at City Hall, and all of a sudden I started hearing the faint sounds of an older lady talking. It didn’t sound like English; it sounded a lot like mumbo jumbo “boo bee ba da do bee bo.” She was an older lady with gray hair that didn’t looked combed or washed, and she had a brown trenchcoat on. She was reading the book Les Miserables, out loud, in French. I guess it sounded like mumbo jumbo because of her high-pitched voice and lack of English. Everyone was staring at her as though she were a maniac. I, however, went from extremely annoyed to overjoyed and it sounded like music to my ears. Why? because the story of Les Mis is incredible and genius. I wanted to egg her on and have a legit conversation about the book, but I was 100 percent sure that she didn’t speak English, so I kept my musical theater nerd knowledge to myself.

So cool. So cool.

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