Video: H.P. Mendoza and his ukulele pay homage to old Mission theaters

We really had no idea what was in store when H.P. Mendoza told us he was going to bring his ukulele with him when he returned to the stage at Muni Diaries Live. Boy were we all in for a treat.

Around 2:01, H.P. shared his amazing childhood journal technique, gluing Muni transfers to the pages to denote the date:

He then serenaded (yes, serenaded) us in the most charming way with a song about a bygone era in San Francisco, as seen from inside the 14-Mission. Captured in full in the video above, the song begins around 2:45. Lyrics below.

“Oh, Mission” (our title)
The Tower Theatre on 24th is where I saw Creepshow 2
They closed it down and turned it into a church.

The Muppets took Manhattan at the New Mission on Mission and 23rd.
They closed it down and now they sell furniture.

It’s also where I saw either Gremlins or Critters or Ghoulies or some horror flick.
I let those movies chill me to the bone.

The Crown Theatre’s where I saw Elm Street 2, which I thought was a piece of shit
Until I got older and saw the gay undertones.

The Grand Theatre’s where I saw Little Shop of Horrors dubbed in Spanish with English subs.
I’d also sneak into the other theaters ’cause the Grand had generic ticket stubs.

O, Mission – the price of admission to your theaters wasn’t enough.
We didn’t have the callouses to keep all of our palaces, so now we use them to sell “stuff.”

O, Mission – I’ll start a petition to make cinema succeed.
‘Cause O, Mission – it’s an omission, indeed.

Because O, Mission, it’s an omission, indeed.

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