BARTor the Transitator!

bart dragon

Back in good ol’ 2010, Black Maps, a collection of musings by an amateur cartographer, put this into the universe and I am pissed we didn’t know about it until now. In the author’s own words:

My friend Alee always saw something different in the olde Bay Area Rapid Transit map, (which comes as no surprise, cuz honestly, that kid is a genius). Anyways, ever since Alee teamed up with my pal David to create this harbinger of fire, fare hikes, and transfers-that-rarely-make-sense, I have never looked at the BART map the way I used to.

Proudly (not at all because it just worked out that way, design-wise), San Francisco composes what is arguably the noble beast’s mightiest parts. Sorry about the fire damage, Peninsula, and heads-up, Half Moon Bay.

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