6 things people are doing on Muni

Photo by Frank Farm

Isn’t it nice knowing what’s going on not only on your bus, but on buses all over San Francisco? We think so, too. This week’s faves:

  1. Completely topless woman on 22 Fillmore bus.
  2. Is this guy really doing lines of coke on the K/T at 8 am @sfmta_muni? #onlyinsf
  3. Putting on highly scented lotion while riding the public bus is an act of war. #talesfromthe49 #munidiaries
  4. Thx for not talking on yr phone on the bus but letting your dumb ringtone chime for 5 mins is just as annoying. #Muni
  5. “Hey Jenny.” “I’m not Jenny.” Best muni interaction so far. #SFMuni
  6. This guy across from me on #sfmuni is offering to show people his penis. Now he’s sad that no one wants to see it

The above were reported by @unfazedinsf, @WellDressedGene, @rachelshpionka, @Carlbear95, @forsoothdragons, and @Ajaxify. What’s happening on your Muni? Tell us @munidiaries.

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