New partners in ‘crime’ meet on the N-Judah

Photo by duluoz cats

Muni rider Chale has further proof that you never know what you’ll experience when riding around town.

On the N-Judah, a mother and daughter came up to me and said they were admiring my shoes from afar. I told them one of my secrets: second-hand stores have some of the best designer dress-up heels and these are one of my favorite pairs, and they started laughing saying they totally agree.

Suddenly, a Goodwill truck passed by us and the mom yelled for it to stop so we could rob it. The daughter, who is in her 20s, was wearing a great pair of huge dark sunglasses, which I told her that I loved, and she lifted them up to show me a huge purple shiner on her right eye. This is why I’m wearing these, she says, its a cheerleading accident gone wrong. We all laugh and I tell her she still looks hot and possibly hotter with the black eye because it makes her look tough.

I couldn’t help but notice their cool accents and asked where they were from and they both said proudly, Australia! I love people from Australia! Being Puerto Rican myself, I really do love all islanders!

We talked and laughed some more and I found out she just moved here in my neighborhood. These are the SF transplants I love. The ones who came here to live a simple life and add culture and kindness to the city. The ones who have little money and love to second-hand shop. The ones who are friendly and humble.

I’m hoping for more of these kinds of meetings on Muni.

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