Five People on Muni You’re Wishing a Merry Christmas

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Every time you utter that phrase, these are the recipients. Be good. Love your neighbor. They ride Muni, too.

  • Someone is singing Les Miserable on this bus. At least she’s got a good voice #38 #sfmuni
  • There’s a man kissing a cockatiel on #muni
  • small child on this L super excitedly shouting the letter of every train we pass in the tunnel, and it’s adorable. #SFMuni
  • Just saw a crack pipe fall out of a woman’s back pocket on the bus. Ah, San Francisco, how I’ve missed thee. #munidiaries
  • A drunk bodybuilder singing on the bus… Well good morning! #munidiaries

Today’s Five Things on Muni includes snippets from the lives of @Harpersfinest, @hotgranola, @seismogenic, @ras42795, and @marlynsf1. Are you following @munidiaries, cuz, uh …

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