Yes, Virginia, inspiration can come on Muni

Photo by juicyrai

I’m guessing that Muni rider Angela is as guarded and cynical as they come. Well, almost. Maybe. Here’s her story:

As I was riding the 19-Polk toward California St, a man in the bus sat next to me and initiated a conversation with me…

man: do you know the meaning of the word “inspiration”
me: uughh..what does it mean to you?
man: in….spire, inspire…you know, in spirit… when you feel “inspired”, you feel it in your “spirit”…you “inspire” me..
me: *listens with a smile*
man: do you know the meaning of “love”?
me: I’m not really sure…actually…

man: you see, love, encourage creates…you see, there is nothing in the world stronger than love…hate, within itself, does not encourage…it fires back…one can hate so much that hate will come back to destroy it…it’s like, hate is out to kill itself…but love…love creates all encourages creation…
me: *speechless*
man: you see, love and hate are two different things and it seems like a lot of people find it hard to articulate it

Honestly, people can take what this man said in different ways. I was personally “inspired” by what this man said… I asked myself…why would he just bring me this message?…and as I thanked him for his wise words,he thanked me instead…he thanked me for taking the time to listen to him without judging him, because I,too, felt like he was going to tell me something important…

This all happened…as I was daydreaming about South Africa.

Here’s wishing you all some inspiration as we begin a new year.

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