Another friendly Muni driver-honker

Photo by Ian Fisher

They teach us in driving school that car horns are only to be used in emergency situations, not as a catch-all communication device. But until telepathy rules the day, that ain’t happening. No, it’s all in how you use your vehicle’s tooter. Muni rider TransitMan found one bus driver who sounds like a master.

I was riding the 1-California outbound on a weekday and came across a honk-happy driver. This driver’s honks weren’t rude but just two light taps.

Car in the intersection blocking his path? honk-honk
Waiting riders too close to the curb? honk-honk
Fellow 1-California coming on the other side? honk-honk
DPT worker alongside? honk-honk

On another note, since it was just before Christmas, there were tons of delivery trucks blocking the way, making the driver’s life very difficult. We narrowly got through with bare inches to spare. Seriously DPT… get them out of the bus’s way, especially when it’s on a steep hill!

If only we could all learn such assertive restraint. Last July, we heard about a Muni driver who abused this responsibility.

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