Six things that happened on Muni, proving that 2014 is in full swing

Photo by Lynn Friedman

In case you had any doubt or harbored any denial that the new year is well under way, Muni Diaries has cracked the case. Things are back to normal, folks. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

  1. Homeless guy to passengers: Open the windows cause I ate a burritooooooo!!!
  2. Dude on the 38 rockin’ his hickey like a champ #yougoglenncoco #thedirty38 #munidiaries
  3. A very drunk man on the 49 bus just told me that my nose is perfect and my sunglasses are sassy. #sfmuni #HappyNewYear
  4. Wow some dudes are doing coke on the 38 Geary. Checking that off my bucket list. #munidiaries
  5. Drinking at 9:38 straight from a handle? #thanksforridingmuni #munidiaries
  6. Girl playing the uke on #sfmuni, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Reminds me of home.

This week’s Things on Muni was brought to you by fellow Muni riders @ThisWillNeverDo, @misslabennett, @LilMissTati, @faithy, @cxslug, and @keaneiscool. Follow @munidiaries and sharing the crazy today!

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