The band J-Church had a song about Muni

Photo by Adam Kuban

My good friend Nick tipped me off to this. He texted me last week and was all, “Hey, did you know that J-Church had a song about getting hit by Muni?” And I was all, “No, no way! Rad!” Then I set about finding the song.

It’s called “As I Lie,” from the Nostalgic for Nothing LP. Click the link below to hear the dearly departed Lance and the boys lament from under the wheels of a Muni bus.

“As I Lie”

A sample of the lyrics:

“As I lie here crushed beneath the wheels of a Muni bus,
The commuters all around me crane their necks to see,
By the looks on their faces I must be a disgrace,
I can see my bike down the block”


Support musicians, especially those who sing about Muni. Buy their music. Check out “As I Lie” on iTunes.


  • Colin Daly via Facebook

    ask Sara about J Church!

  • Sara Lardinois via Facebook

    Of course they have a song about Muni, but which line hit him? Given their Mission-centric lyrics and the number of times I saw Lance at a certain Mission Street taqueria, I would have assumed the 14, but then he sings about never having seen this part of Market Street.

    • Jonathan Wexler

      He also sings about Muddy Waters coffee in that song, which might be a clue. But I live on the east coast so IDK SF geography now or from 25 years ago.

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